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Navigating Talent Acquisition in 2024: Attracting, Hiring, and Keeping the Right People for Your Business

We all know that a successful business must have the ability to attract, hire, and keep top-tier talent. As we consider talent acquisition plans for 2024, the competition for skilled professionals continues to intensify, making the recruitment process more challenging than ever. In this blog, we’ll explore strategies for candidate attraction that go beyond traditional … Read more

Selecting the Ideal Recruitment Partner

Selecting the Ideal Recruitment Partner: Leveraging a Generalist Recruiter’s Emphasis on Culture and Exceptional Service for Attracting, Hiring, and Retaining Top Talent Finding the right recruitment partner is a crucial step in building a talented and cohesive workforce. In today’s competitive job market, organisations seek not only skilled individuals but also those who align with … Read more

Building a Strong Employer Brand: Strategies to Assess, Understand, and Promote for Attracting, Hiring, and Keeping the Right Talent

Building a robust employer brand is a powerful tool in today’s competitive job market. It can significantly impact an organisation’s ability to attract, hire, and keep the right talent. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the key strategies for assessing, understanding, and promoting your employer brand to ensure that it aligns with your … Read more

Case Studies

RPO for media company

Global talent acquisition for specialist media consultancy company

APR needed highly experienced advertising and media production specialists to meet the growing demand from their global client base. Quarsh was engaged to attract and hire these highly sought after specialists.

White Papers

Retention Programme

Retaining people in the workforce is key to long term performance, efficiency and profitability. In the current economic and demographic environment the demand for people is at an all-time high, with major gaps between available talent and demand in most key industries. Recruitment and retention go hand in hand; get your recruitment process right and … Read more

Hiring in 2021: Recruitment Report

All reports indicate that there is going to be a significant change to your workforce over the next 12 to 18 months and your culture will be changing too. You’re going to need a robust recruitment and attraction strategy that understands and embraces that. Recruitment is a strategic challenge, it’s hard and embedding new people is always difficult; the way you differentiate yourself against your competitors is pivotal to the success you will have in attracting the right people. Consider your message and the way you have traditionally hired people. Is it still relevant, or are other alternatives that would better suit your overall strategy to strengthen your business further? You don’t need to be bound by convention; you can think differently and be different. Plan who you’ll need and when, then get your recruitment processes working effectively to see you through. If you need any help, call us.