Improving candidate retention and quality

The Challenge

ComXo is an industry leader in transformational switchboard and business support services.
ComXo were experiencing rapid growth and although they had a well established recruitment process they needed support to keep up with the volume needed. They were looking for a partner to help them hire a number of virtual PAs or switchboard operators as well as a permanent recruiter who could manage this in-house going forwards. ComXo had number of roles to fill and a high volume of applications to screen, having experienced an unusually higher turnover of staff from inductions during the pandemic. The role was quite challenging - the successful candidates would be managing the switchboard for a number of different Professional Services organisations. There were three different shift patterns and all of these needed to deal with high volumes of calls or detailed and complex administrative duties.

The Result

Quarsh took up the challenge and adapted well to the fluid changes made by the client as the project developed. We made some small changes to the job description and worked with ComXo to ensure the recruitment and onboarding process was robust, with improved retention at the forefront. Quarsh supported ComXo in consistent messaging across all advertising and initial calls with applicants. We also provided assistance in ensuring job adverts were attention-grabbing and the entire recruitment process was transparent to all applicants to reduce candidate drop off.
We secured 10 hires for ComXo in 3 months; the in-house recruiter required and 8 Virtual PAs. The hiring sources utilised include referrals, Indeed and direct approaches. These 10 hires were chosen from a huge pool of candidates - over 2000 applications were received - and increased the headcount at the company by 10%. The time to hire across these roles was 25 days. We are delighted to say that a year on, 90% of our placed candidates are still in the business.

Emily Salmon - Chief Operating Officer

When we engaged Quarsh as a recruitment partner we were looking for help finding a permanent in-house recruiter. We were delighted with their work, and actually extended our contract with them. Our induction attrition rate has dropped from around 40% to 10% and the recruiter they found for us has been a great fit