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The Good The Bad and The Ugly of RPO

Understanding RPO

This whitepaper has been designed to help businesses develop a more comprehensive understanding of RPO by examining the different models that are available in the current RPO market and identifying when each model is most suitable for use. Enter your details below to download this guide.

What Are The Different Forms Of RPO and Why Do They Exist?

Well, partly because Recruitment Process Outsourcing is different things to different buyers and providers. Fundamentally though, it is because RPO is a business solution which has evolved across three decades into a number of completely different services.

The early transactional model, akin to 'bums on seats' recruitment, is where RPO originated, and it is a lack of clarity between this model and more contemporary RPO based solutions which has led to many poor buying decisions. Understanding the different iterations is crucial when trying to select the right recruitment partner and facilitate provider performance and success.