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Put simply, RPO stands for Recruitment Process Outsourcing and is the management and delivery of recruitment services to an organisation by a professional and specialist third-party provider.

There are a lot of myths about outsourced recruitment because there are a lot of different styles. Some exist just to drive down costs whilst others are there for a short-term hiring spike. Some companies think they can only move to an RPO model when their systems are fully up to speed.

For us, this is too late. We get involved when recruitment is a real problem, sort it out and then hand it back to our clients as and when they’re ready.

There are lots of reasons why businesses come to us:

  • Recruitment is too expensive
  • Recruitment takes too long
  • We can’t find the right people
  • We’ve got a rapid growth coming and don’t have people to handle it
  • Our systems are a mess and it’s starting to affect how we recruit
  • We’ve tried agencies, we’ve tried in house, and neither is working well. We’re not sure what the problem is and we think we’ve tried everything, but surely we can do better than this?

This last issue is the sort of thing we do well. We’ve worked with over a hundred different organisations, each with different problems, and found a solution, usually combining a number of approaches that works for that particular environment. If we don't have the solution already, we will bend over backwards to find it.

Benefits of Quarsh RPO

Our costs are lower, we find better people and we engage with the talent community more effectively.

Our flexible and scalable RPO methodologies use Lean Manufacturing principles to find better quality candidates more efficiently, more cheaply and more effectively than typical hiring methods.

The major benefit, though, is that you don’t have to find the answers yourself, you don’t have to recruit a team to carry out changes, you don’t have to keep them motivated and you don’t have to keep analysing recruitment to see where more improvements can be made. This is built into our way of working.

Recruitment is complex and touches every area of the business. Get it right and the upside is enormous. Get it wrong and everyone suffers. Quarsh has extensive experience in sorting out the most complex problems around recruitment and will be able to solve pretty much any combination of problems quickly and simply, without impacting on business as usual.

Our Legacy

RPO by Quarsh provides more than a high quality, cost-effective and robust recruitment solution. What stands us apart from agencies is the legacy we leave behind. Our solutions are ultimately designed to be brought in-house when you feel ready to do so, using a tried and tested process to ensure a seamless transition. We will continue to support you for as long for as you need us. From Quarsh, you can expect as standard:

High quality and effective hiring
Improved employer brand
Consistent recruitment processes
Controlled and visible costs
Clear metrics and KPIs across the whole recruitment function
The structure to support your business