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Quarsh and Executive Search

Quarsh’s executive search offering is different. We’re not a big branded search firm, and nor do we want to be. We’re a division of a highly imaginative RPO and recruitment solutions provider. Our Search consultants have worked for some of those big branded search firms so we have seen first-hand both the good and the bad practices offered within.

Through time-served experience and the application of best-practice, we offer a high-quality executive search service that you can rely on:

Some of our RPO partnerships have grown out of our success in executive search
We have fulfilled all our retained assignments
We charge reasonable fees with stage payments based on significant achievements rather than exorbitant fees based on time passing
Our team has considerable experience of delivering on search assignments across a range of sectors, locations and positions
Our clients come back to us time and again as they come to value our input and seek our advice.

We use professional researchers to carry out fresh research, producing thorough, in-depth talent maps that are unique to every search. We have worked with the same researchers for many years, so we know their capabilities. One of them has multi-lingual capabilities, so we can conduct research and approaches in many languages and attest to a candidate’s language skills if that is part of the assessment criteria.

We know that one of the major complaints that companies have when they work with traditional search firms is that they receive minimal communication on progress during the assignment. We suspect that this is because the work is done by junior staff whilst the client-facing staff set about winning more clients. With Quarsh, the person leading the assignment will also be the person making the candidate approaches. This enables us to send you weekly progress reports that include both statistical summaries and ad-hoc comments regarding candidates, progress, challenges and general prognosis. To demonstrate our openness and ensure that they can provide updates to stakeholders without needing to speak to us, we can offer live access to our research reports to our main client interface.

Wherever possible, we will meet with your stakeholders at the briefing stage; we will meet with all prospective shortlist candidates; and we will present our shortlist to the same stakeholders, leaving ample time to discuss each candidate.

For a confidential conversation around how we can assist with your executive search and recruitment, please contact Adrian Hill on or 07740 434 338.