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What is Recruitment Technology?

Recruitment technology can make a recruiter’s life easy - or be the bane of it. Recruitment technology can encompass a range of modern communications and administration systems such as the software that runs a careers website, the applicant tracking system (ATS), recruitment analytics software, job aggregators or online psychometric testing. Applicant tracking systems are continually evolving to meet the demands placed on them by increasingly creative recruitment processes. Our consultants have experience of using a wide range of existing systems - meaning that we will not ask you to make unnecessary and expensive software changes in order to conform to our solutions and designs.


Why use Recruitment Technology?

Candidate attraction tools such as careers websites and job board posting software can automate a great deal of the administrative process, particularly when they integrate correctly with one another. However, in using these tools, recruiters must be aware of the negative impacts they can have on candidate experience and employer brand, particularly if badly administered. It is extremely important to understand the capabilities and limitations of any software or recruitment technology you build into a recruitment process as costs can escalate rapidly if it is not deployed or managed effectively. We have spent a number of years using different systems and analysing this area of recruitment to be sure that we can offer clients the best advice possible.

Our Recruitment Process Technology

Our recruitment process outsourcing and talent warehousing solutions can encompass a range of different systems that have evolved from the advances in recruitment technology. The flexibility of our solutions means that they are not reliant on any specific technology like many others providers are. In many instances, we will source and integrate the technology that is most suitable for the business considering its demands. You can, therefore, be assured that we can integrate with your existing recruitment process seamlessly.