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Employer Branding

The Importance of Employer Branding

Employer branding is not a new concept, but it is one that is increasing in value as recruitment integrates more effectively with modern digital communication channels.

There is a clear correlation between successful employer brands and successful businesses, and that is because everyone wants to work for a company that values its people and offers them a challenging and rewarding working environment. Equally relevant is the increasing number and value of Generation Y employees in the workforce, a demographic that are far more digitally active and aware of the attributes of employers, both good and bad.

A carefully designed and implemented employer brand, alongside a valuable underlying employee value proposition (EVP), can greatly improve recruitment performance and reduce hiring costs, especially when deployed alongside modern recruitment technology and a social recruiting strategy.

How Quarsh Does Employer Branding

We consult to organisations on standalone employer branding projects to help maximise recruitment marketing efforts and generate consistent and significant brand exposure. We can conduct reviews on the employee experience and existing employer brand to understand and develop your organisation’s brand positioning, culture and goals.

EVP surveys allow you to access a vast bank of knowledge that already exists within your organisation by using the insights, opinions and feedback of employees to develop a clear understanding of the overall employee experience and effectiveness of an EVP. These surveys gather employee insight anonymously and assess all key aspects of the business from management, culture and development prospects to remuneration, benefits and work-life balance, amongst others.

Employer brand audits present you with an objective overview of how your organisation is being represented and how it is perceived as a place to work by analysing all material that is visible to candidates. Audits aim to assess the consistency, reach and effectiveness of campaigns to ensure that the employment experience encourages employee commitment and drives retention.

The data we collect then forms a valuable basis from which we can create a detailed strategy of implementable HR and recruitment processes that will maximise the engagement and commitment of employees. We will then continue to support you and your management team in implementing and aligning your employer brand with hiring and organisational objectives.