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What's It Like?

"I've never worked with such a talented, balanced bunch of individuals. They make everything look so easy!" - Lucy James, Managing Director

It's always awkward writing about yourself and the great things that you do. With that being said, the team at Quarsh can only be described as an amazing bunch, who work hard for a common goal.

Our office? It's quirky and laid back, but we're a hard-working team. The office has a great culture, and there’s always something going on. We have a relaxed environment where everyone pitches in when something needs doing, and Bletchley Park is a great office location.

Our employees are expected to have a fantastic knowledge of all things retro - films, TV shows and music. A lack of retro knowledge can create sheer outrage. Outrage aside, each member of our team are respected, valued and trusted. We work incredibly hard together and have fun doing so.