How outsourcing recruitment brings you success from Business Reporter Film and Video

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) was once a solution reserved for big businesses with high volume and high turnover hiring requirements.

But as demands of the modern workforce have evolved, the recruitment industry has struggled to keep pace with it, and the traditional static recruitment model is no longer effective. A more diverse and distributed workforce with different motivational factors and the increasing need to hire Generation Y employees has seen typical working lifecycles change drastically.

The days of the ‘job for life’ are long gone and businesses, both large and small, need to be able to scale and adapt their employment offering and routes to the candidate market at a much greater pace than ever before, whilst understanding and incorporating the ever increasing number of technological developments in the labour market.

From bare bones agency management to process replacement to bespoke solutions, RPO has developed over the past three decades to become a viable alternative for companies who need outsourced expertise and cannot justify the cost of supporting an in-house resource. The flexibility now afforded to businesses as a result of scalable third generation RPO services makes it an unexpected but effective recruitment solution for SMEs.

With a need for strategic partnership to maintain and achieve growth, small and medium size businesses can benefit from both the economies of scale that an RPO can offer as well as the ability to be consultative and identify talented candidates, particularly in the absence of an employer brand.

Many large established businesses have the luxury of attracting candidates from the reach of their brand alone, but for SMEs looking to hire, there is often a struggle to be distinguishable and attract highly skilled individuals. RPO aims to combine the breadth of reach of an agency with the integrated advantage of an in-house team, drawing on the cultural and organisational benefits of being on-site to make intelligent hiring decisions.

In this video, Quarsh Director Lucy James discusses the implications of using RPO as a recruitment methodology with Alastair Greener, dispelling the idea that it is only a suitable solution for large companies and forecasting the complications facing the future of the recruitment industry.