How do you improve your employer brand through social media?

People are the most important part of any organisation, which means that both employee retention and recruitment are essentials to get right. When it comes to social media and employer branding, it's much more than just posting the odd job update now and again. Like our outsourced Talent Solutions, our approach to employer social media can improve your organisation’s entire recruitment function.

An employer brand should be consistent every way a candidate can interact with an organisation, including:

  • Careers website
  • Social media channels, including employee LinkedIn profiles
  • Job adverts
  • Interview briefing packs
  • Conversations with recruiters and hiring managers
  • Interaction with every person a candidate can come into contact with throughout the process, from the front desk to senior management.

Our process is simple, and we call upon our expertise in recruitment and marketing to help advise on, build and execute an effective employer branding strategy.

Our social media approach looks at:

  • Platforms: With over 20 social media platforms, we advise on which are suitable for your needs. It’s better to focus on fewer platforms than stretch yourself thin across many
  • Format: How to approach each platform? How you communicate on each to get the best results?
  • Content type: Each platform and each approach is suited to different types of content, and different frequencies and volumes. We make sure this all follows best practice from the start
  • Current content: What is your social media presence like at the moment? We assess and review this, and look at where we careers and corporate can support each other.

Then we review this with you, and agree on the final stages:

  • Content creation: Where will it come from? It’s time to agree who is involved from both sides of your partnership with Quarsh, to create great content
  • Execution: We mutually agree on goals, timelines and how we measure performance. This will change as time goes on, to allow us to adapt to your changing needs. This also means we can make sure we’re constantly looking for improvements.

If you get your employer branding right, your whole recruitment process will see the benefit, as will your employee engagement, retention and much more.

Call us to discuss how we can help you to become the employer of choice, and attract and keep the best people.


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