Recruitment Audit 

You’ve got a strong recruitment team in place and you’re happy with their performance, but you would like to ensure that you’re getting optimum results. It may be several years since you set up your recruitment processes; perhaps the business needs to rapidly ramp up its recruitment; you could have made some acquisitions and need to combine resources; you’re hearing lots of new trends emerging in talent acquisition and would like to see how your company can benefit. There are many reasons why it might be useful to assess how your recruitment processes are working and to see how they could be improved.

Quarsh can carry out a light touch audit of your recruitment environment, covering all aspects of recruitment from the day-to-day process to strategic talent mapping and workforce planning. The goal is to help you put in place recruitment processes and training that will work well for your business, based on your strategic objectives and direction as well your current operational framework.

Our team will spend several days on site with you, evaluating how you operate at the moment before presenting you with a detailed report on your recruitment environment. The report will include identifiable strengths, weaknesses, areas to improve, the impact of what those improvements would deliver and a suggested process map. Should you need support in implementing changes, our consultants are available to work with you and will put in place the framework and the reporting structure to make sure that your business benefits both short and long-term.

Our new audit tool

Our new audit tool gives you the chance to self-assess your recruitment environment to see where you can make improvements. By answering a variety of questions via a simple scoring system, you'll be able to see where your company's recruitment processes are performing well. You'll also be able to see where your processes will benefit from some improvements to ensure your recruitment function runs smoothly and efficiently. 


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Recruitment Technology Audits

There are a number of instances in which it might be useful to get a third-party opinion on the state of your recruitment processes, including:

  • Your systems and processes are very old or have evolved over time as your business has changed
  • You are adopting new global frameworks for shared services that impact on HR and/or recruitment
  • Your recruitment function is producing reports that are heavily reliant on manual processes, such as saving CVs in standalone locations
  • Your business is becoming more reliant on cloud-based services

If these examples strike a chord, it is worth spending some time analysing your recruitment technology to see whether it is fit for purpose.

When we carry out a technology audit, our consultants work closely with your business to understand your needs, goals and hiring strategy, and we put together a suite of recommendations based on current technology with the rest of your business and the likely evolution of recruitment technology in mind. The result is a solution that suits your business now and is as future proof as possible.


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