Getting to know Charlie, our new Social Media Creative.


With our social media for employer branding service growing, we realised quickly that we definitely needed to expand our team to handle the workload. So we created a new role, Social Media Creative, and have recently welcomed Charlie Taylor-Smith to the Quarsh team!

As a way of getting to know Charlie, we asked him a few questions now he has had time to settle into life at Quarsh:

What excites you about your new role and joining Quarsh?

The most exciting thing about joining Quarsh is the ability to gain further experience in Social Media. Not to sound completely immature but another exciting aspect of the job is having a desk! When you come from jobs where this has never been an option the thought of a desk is very exciting.

What do you make of Quarsh so far?

Since starting with Quarsh there is clearly a good sense of team spirit with each member having a strong work ethic. Working with a team that has a great sense of humour that doesn’t take themselves too seriously is fun and creates a fantastic work environment. I’m really enjoying working as part of a highly committed and professional team.

What are your first impressions of your new role?

My new Social Media Creative role is a great role that is both demanding and challenging. I feel it is going to give me vital experience that I could not receive just anywhere. It is great that I have free rein to be creative with what I put out there on Quarsh’s social media platforms. It is definitely a role that I am excited to gain experience from whilst working with a team that is very welcoming and motivating.

What's your proudest moment?

The best thing I have achieved is qualifying for nationals in swimming. When qualifying for Nationals the swimming club I swam for took us to Cyprus, Barcelona and Malta. This meant we got to train and learn from different swim coaches around the world.

Although, I have definitely lost the ability to swim like I used to, if I tried to I think I would pass out!

What's the weirdest/scariest thing to ever happen to you?

I got the opportunity to meet and interview Simon Cotton and Kevin Leslie (The Rise of the Krays / The Fall of the Krays films) and comedian David Morgan (Safeword).