Recruitment Researcher, Doreen joins Team Quarsh

What excites you about your new role and joining Quarsh?

I love working with people to achieve their best potential and being an aspect in getting the best out of their working environment. In my previous role as a midwife a large part of my job was to support women and staff in achieving the possible - even when it seemed impossible. I love problem solving and find it exciting when I can implement a change that will ultimately make someone's life better. Knowing I am now able to take all this gained experience and incorporate it into my new role with Quarsh is what I am most excited about.

What are your first impressions of your new role?

My first impression was naturally to be bewildered and nervous, however I do love a new challenge and I'm positive I will find my feet (and work out LinkedIn) soon. The support I have had from the team so far has been fabulous and everyone have been so friendly.

What's the coolest/best thing you've ever done?

I tend to throw myself in at the deep end so the coolest thing to happen to me is difficult to answer. I climbed Mont Blanc at 19 years old, which was definitely an experience.

What's the scariest thing to ever happen to you?

I left Denmark, my home country, with little plans and found myself living (rather primitively) on a small farm in the Negev desert in Israel for 2 years. The scariest thing at the time was the lack of knowing where my life was going and I had little plans, it’s an amazing feeling. I continue to be surprised by life and the doors that open, even if there are trolls behind some doors, they all present opportunity.