Recruitment Business Partner, Kirstie joins Team Quarsh

What excites you about your new role and joining Quarsh?

​I am excited about getting stuck into a new role where I can make a difference. I have worked in many aspect of resourcing/recruitment and working for Quarsh will bring new opportunities and experiences.


What are your first impressions of your new role?

​I know the contract is quite new at Hallmark and I am looking forward to being part of the process to make improvements and better the way recruitment is done at Hallmark.​ The role will give me a chance to be involved with all aspects of Hallmark resourcing when working alongside the HR team.

What's the coolest/best thing you've ever done?

​I am a huge Egyptian history fan (maybe this is not that cool?)​.On my first visit to Luxor I decided to hire a taxi, (it was extremely cheap), to go to the Valley of the Kings and see all the sites. I had researched all the places I wanted to visit and I was giving my partner a run through by the pool of what he was in for the next day. The couple beside us overheard and asked if they could join us. We agreed and set off the next day. We arrived at the first temple and I started to tell them about its history. To cut a long story short by the end of the temple visit I had three Japanese, two Italian and two Swedish tourists that had joined us thinking I was a tour guide! The Japanese tourists were very surprised when I refused to take any money.

What's the weirdest/scariest thing to ever happen to you?

​The weirdest thing ever to happen to me was on holiday in Spain. My ex-husband and I got chatting to another couple in a bar about music when we discovered that we were going to the same concert at home the next month. We left saying our goodbyes and that we might bump into each other at the concert. When we arrived at the concert and went to our seats we could not believe we were actually sat next to the other couple! 

Anything else you'd like to add?

I am looking forward to meeting everyone at the end of the month and thank you all for your support.​