Quarsh Team Retreat - October 2016

Last weekend, we held our first Team Quarsh retreat in the picturesque village of Lea in the Peak District. The retreat was a combination of team-based activities and strategy sessions around the future direction of Quarsh as a business.

Day One began with the main team challenge. Having been split into two teams, we were tasked with saving the World from a new and highly contagious virus that threatened civilisation as we know it! In true Apprentice style, we named our teams ‘Magic’ and ‘Awesome’. The ultimate aim of our mission was for each team to build a working rocket that would save the human race by releasing the antidote to the virus into the atmosphere. It wasn’t as easy as it sounds, and whilst some members of each team stayed back at base to start designing and building the rocket, the remaining members of each team set off on a 10-mile yomp around the stunning local countryside to locate clues and hints to help save mankind.

Team Magic’s rocket was up first and performed a perfect take-off, antidote deployment and controlled descent.

Team Awesome were up next and after another textbook take-off, their rocket sadly failed to live up to expectations as it plummeted back down to Earth without deploying either the antidote or its parachute. After a brief analysis of what went wrong, it was quickly decided that the rocket was let down by faulty pyrotechnics rather than a manufacturing or design issue!


Congratulations to Team Magic on winning the challenge and saving the planet!

On Day Two, we all came together as one team for a strategy and planning session around Quarsh as a business. Lots of great ideas were put forward from the team on how we can further enhance our offerings and services to our clients, so expect to see some of these rolled out over the coming weeks and months!

Despite a few sore feet and blisters from the hike and one severe burn from an errant glue gun, it was a great couple of days where everyone contributed to its success.

A massive thank you to Lucy for feeding us all over the course of the two days. We were treated to a fantastic homemade pasta bolognese on the first night which was followed by an equally superb homemade beef rendang on the second night.

We're already looking forward to the next company retreat in 2017!