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What would your superpower be?

Super-strength? Flight? Invulnerability? Invisibility?

Let’s face it, all of these would be a great deal of fun, (the pros and cons of each make for a great debate), but invisibility is the one we’re interested in.



At Quarsh, you’re an invisible recruiter.


What does that mean?

We’re an RPO, so you’ll work with all manner of clients but candidates shouldn’t know Quarsh exists. As far as they’re concerned you work for that client. You have a client email address, you probably spend time onsite with the client and you’re included in coffee runs when you’re there.


What’s your background?

Your time in agency will have given you a great understanding of a variety of sourcing channels and engaging with passive and active candidates. If cold-calling and new business calls are the reasons you’re thinking about or have already left agency, then an RPO could be the logical next step. You’ll source candidates, understand markets and offer advice, all without the cold-calling. We have a dedicated team who focus on finding new clients, so you can focus on providing the best possible experience to your candidates and clients.


What else do you need to know?

As well as day-day recruitment, you’ll get involved in improving how the client does things. You won’t “just” fill vacancies; you’ll make a difference. And we want to make a difference to you. You’ll get the exposure and the opportunities to develop, how far you want to take that is up to you.  We’re collegiate, collaborative and colourful, we hope you are too.


If you don’t have an up to date CV, that’s ok, we all love talking about ourselves, so give us a call we’ll have a chat.